Reasons to Choose Aluminium Balustrade

Reasons to Choose Aluminium Balustrade

Balustrade is among the most important designs and safety features in any commercial and residential property. It can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials. However, in the past few years, aluminium balustrade has become more popular because of the many benefits that it has to offer. Below are some of these benefits.


Aesthetic Value

One of the best reasons why many people prefer to use aluminium balustrade is its aesthetic appeal. Today, there are so many manufacturers that make use of this advanced technology in their fabrication process. Aside from this, this type of balustrade is also capable of retaining its own shape and beauty better compared to other types of materials. For example, a wooden balustrade can warp and shrink through time and this is never an issue with balustrades that are made of aluminium.


Low Maintenance

Compared to other materials, with this type of balustrade, you don’t have to paint it year after year. In case its paint of coating wears out and its base metal underneath is exposed, there is no fear for the aluminium to corrode, given that you make use of high-quality aluminium. This results in the reduced need to paint over the balustrade. Moreover, cleaning this type of balustrade is so much easier than cleaning a wooden type or wrought iron.



Given the structure and composition of this balustrade, it is considered to be a safer option than the majority of other materials that are used for the same purpose. For example, aluminium material does not decay or rot like wood. It also does not corrode and rust like wrought iron. Given all these, this balustrade simply proves to be a more sturdy material and therefore, there will be lesser worries of it causing accidents or breaking when you lean against it or hold onto it.

Moreover, this balustrade has an even and smooth finish so there is no need to worry about splinters and cracks that can cut through the skin unlike with wooden balustrades.


Corrosion Resistant

Compared with wrought iron, a balustrade made of aluminium rarely shows any sign of corrosion. In the case of galvanized steel, rust could develop at the joints or any parts where it was drilled or welded. This rust could greatly damage the aesthetic value of the railings and the balustrades. Most importantly, it also weakens the structure, thus compromising the structural integrity. But when using an aluminium-made balustrade, you will not only be getting a beautiful one but a safe one too.



For many property owners, especially the ones who are very much concerned about the environment, having materials that are recyclable is of great importance. With aluminum type of balustrade, you can expect toughness and resilience. It the time comes that they have to be replaced you can be assured that your old ones will not be sent to sanitary landfills. Instead, they will go to the recycling plants so new products can be created out of them.

With all the benefits listed above, you will definitely not go wrong if you choose to have this type of tile. You will not only be getting a single benefit out of it, but you can expect to enjoy so much and make the most of what it has to offer.