Plasma Cutting Table: Features and Benefits

Plasma Cutting Table: Features and Benefits

When talking about cutting materials that are intended to be used for different types of construction and manufacturing applications, there is nothing more preferred to do the job like a plasma cutting table. Undeniably, the need for such has been consistently increasing in today’s time as it is used in many applications and industries and companies are starting to see its wide array of benefits.

A plasma cutting machine is automated by a computer and this allows an incredibly high-level of accuracy, especially if you are looking for precise cuts every single time. The machine takes the geometric dimensions provided and it cuts accordingly. Aside from this, the machine also has customizable functionalities that allow users to easily change settings based on their individual project.

Another reason why the machine is widely used and preferred is because of what it can offer in terms of benefits that the counterparts could not provide such as the following.



It is very important that professionals in the industry are well-trained on how to use a plasma cutting table. But this is not really something that should be of major concern because it is very to use. It operates with the best efficiency and in most cases, it can cut up to 200 inches/minute.


Cutting Power

There are some types of plasma cutting tables that can cut materials that are as thick as 2.5”. This includes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. If you own a fabricating shop, then you can experience great benefits by having this powerful cutting solution for challenging and difficult industrial jobs.


Plasma Cutters

Having this cutting table as an investment will offer an economical, powerful, and it can produce very high-quality results. Plasma tables come in different series. For instance, there is 2000 series which is considered to be a standard air plasma table that offers a wide range of benefits at an affordable price. Another one, there is 3000 series that are high definition and economical which provides increased efficiency and high-quality technology. Moreover, the 4000 series makes use of the best technology, as well as control systems that improves processes.


Design and Manufacture

Considering the needed cutting power in order to get the job done, a cutting table would usually offer 65-800 amps of power.

Additional Benefits

Aside from the mentioned benefits above, given that you can find a good manufacturer or seller of the cutting table, you can enjoy the benefit of getting a year warranty on parts and labor. Depending on where you are purchasing your cutting table from, just always bear in mind that it should be of best quality so it can deliver the job that you want it to do for you. This will mean that you will be getting returns or profit from your investment.

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