LED lighting: Why It’s Better than Traditional Lighting Solution

LED lighting: Why It’s Better than Traditional Lighting Solution

LED lighting: Why It’s Better than Traditional Lighting Solution

If there is one lighting solution that so many people prefer today due to its numerous benefits, then it would be LED lighting. As there is a high demand to conserve energy, this type of lighting makes a perfect choice. Aside from this, it comes with so many more benefits that people can take advantage of. Some of them are as follows.


One of the best advantages of LED lighting is its long lifespan, especially when compared to traditional lighting. On average, LEDs last for up to 50, 000- 100, 000 operating hours or even more. This is 2-4 times longer than most metal halide, sodium vapor lights, or fluorescent lights. Also, it is 40 times as long compared to a normal incandescent bulb.

Energy Efficiency

Generally, LEDs have very low power consumption. When looking for a great lighting solution, two things are often considered: useful lumens and luminous efficacy. These two describe the amount of light that is emitted per power the bulb consumes. Depending on the current light and the kind of LED being installed, the savings can be as high as 90%.

Improved Safety

When it comes to lighting, safety is often overlooked. But the main hazard in lighting is heat emission. In the case of LEDs, no forward heat is emitted unlike with an incandescent that convert over 90% power to heat. Also, since LEDs uses lesser power, they operate more effectively on low-voltage electrical systems. They are also safer in case something goes wrong.

Physically Small

An actual LED device is small. Its small size makes it incredibly adaptable to a limitless number of lighting applications. Various uses for LEDs include an extensive spectrum from their roots in traffic signals and circuit board lighting to modern lighting, commercial and residential property applications, as well as in major stadium lighting.

Generate Directional Emission

LED technology releases light for only 180 degrees while other types of lights release light at 360 degrees around its source. This emission requires accessory devices to redirect or reflect the light. This increase the cost of the system and results in losses. This means that the device becomes less efficient.

Consider a lighting solution that releases light into the ceiling. This is the standard bulb. But the problem is, you are trying to illuminate the room and not the ceiling. But LEDs solve such problem and even gives more savings in terms of overall energy efficiency.

These are just a few of the many benefits that one can get from LEDs. Such type of lighting solution will not be popular and preferred by many people for nothing. So, if you are considering of installing a new lighting solution, LEDs are definitely the best choice you can even have.

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