Excess Skin Removal: The Best Way to Deal with it

Excess Skin Removal: The Best Way to Deal with it

Gaining weight is a serious problem nowadays, given the kind of lifestyle that people live. Many people have tried so many ways just to get rid of those extra weight but ended up failing. On the other hand, there are those who have been successful in losing weight.

But the problem does not end with losing weight. One has to deal with the sagging skin that are often noticeable after losing weight. This situation calls for excess skin removal.

Before undergoing any procedure, it is important to address if it is a problem of loose skin or it’s the excess subcutaneous fat under the skin. The answer to this actually depends on the body’s fat percentage.

Body Fat Difference

One best way to pinpoint the difference is by means of fat testing. Until the body’s fat percentage is around 10% for male and 18% for female, it is very likely for a person to still have amounts of fats to lose underneath the skin. As soon as the subcutaneous fat is removed, the skin might skin back to its normal size.

So, what happens if the fat percentage in the body is down and you have loose skin. What’s next? In this case, there are supplements that you may take, as well as topical ointments that you can apply on the skin in order to help improve elasticity. If a lot of the weight loss was muscle mass, being able to build back the muscle will tighten the loose skin and as a result, you will have healthier and tighter look.

Body Sculpting Procedure

If you are looking for a more drastic measure for excess skin removal, then you may try body sculpting. One popular procedure is known as circumferential body lift. This involves making a small incision across the back and around the abdomen and flanks, thus removing extra skin and then suturing the incision back.

To lose some extra weight is just half of the battle. Those excess skin will not only take its toll on the person physiologically, but psychologically as well. In order for a person to feel whole again, the person needs to see and feel that he or she is thin in front of a mirror.

A surgical body sculpting procedure plays a huge part in restoring the healthy self-image of a person. At the same time, as soon as those extra layers of skin are removed, people are likely to gain back lesser weight.

If you are one of the many people who have lost a lot of weight and is suffering from excess skin, be sure to consider all the possible options available. Also, you need to discuss with your doctor to find out the best way of getting rid of your excess skin.