Benefits of 3D Scanners

Benefits of 3D Scanners

Benefits of 3D Scanners

Benefits of 3D Scanners

3D printing has changed product testing, design, and development for a wide range of industries all over the world, from aeronautics to commerce. 3D scanners, among the most important supplements to the technology, have made it even better. If your facility is interested in such an equipment but you are not sure if the investment will be a worthy one, read on. Below, we will list some of the biggest rewards that you can look forward to from a 3D scanner.

Streamlined Processes

If you’re in product design and development, you are familiar with the many intricacies that are involved in the whole process – from conceptualisation to distribution. With 3D scanners, each and every one of these processes can be streamlined to allow better results, run better tests, and produce better quality parts.

In idea conceptualisation, for example, your 3D scanner can digitise an already existing object and render them into a model that you can run for the later parts of the development. While putting together parts, you will also be able to make sure that every component fits perfectly together, on the first try. And you have the freedom to compare “as-designed” models with “as-built” parts for more enhanced quality checks.

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Faster Turnaround Time

3D scanners also make everything faster, since they are capable of capturing accurate information flawlessly. When it comes to prototyping, for example, your 3D scanner will be able to chart precise measurements in the physical world, which will cut back the time that you will need for managing the design cycles.

Similarly, when you have to engineer and deliver the parts, your facility has the advantage of finishing faster than others in the same market. And the same holds true, even for distribution; 3D scanners can create reliable casing and support structures, increase packing density, and certify the integrity of the products.


Reduced Operational Costs

With faster turnaround time comes reduced operational costs. If you know that you do not need more than one prototype or iteration to run or test, you do not have to encroach upon more of your facility’s resources. In the end, this can translate to significant savings in operational costs and even manpower hours.

To up the advantages that you can get from a 3D scanner, it is vital to source them from a reputable supplier. Make sure that they carry trusted brands in their catalog, as well as provide comprehensive product support and guidance.